Learn All About MSRP with Woodhouse Place Nissan

When looking for cars for sale in Omaha, shoppers often have a lot of questions. And something we get asked a lot about at our Nissan dealership is MSRP. This guide aims to clear up any confusion. 


What is MSRP? 

MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Basically, this is the recommendation carmakers give to dealerships about what their base-level models should be priced at. You may also see MSRP in other areas, including for things like appliances.  


How is MSRP Calculated? 

To get to that MSRP number, there are a variety of factors involved, including: 


  • Manufacturing costs and sales processes 
  • Advertising 
  • Taxes and fees 
  • Demand 


How the MSRP Relates to Base Price 

The MSRP is essentially the cheapest version of a vehicle. With a no-frills, strictly standard Nissan Altima, for example, the MSRP will reflect the base price. There are also a couple of other prices to know about: invoice price and transaction price. 


Invoice Price 

The invoice price is what the dealership paid to the carmaker for the vehicle. 


Transaction Price 

This is price you agree to pay for your car. Due to things like fees, taxes, and rebates – as well as add-ons and upgrades – the final price may differ widely from the starting MSRP.  


Many Ways to Get a Car You Can Afford 

When focusing on the price of a car, it can be easy to get discouraged. Fortunately, there are a number of options that can help you get an affordable vehicle.  

You may want to think about looking at used Nissan cars. Leasing could be another good choice, as this doesn’t tie you to one vehicle for very long.  

Financing is something else to consider. When you go this route, all you will need to do is put up money for a down payment – which could come in part from a trade-in vehicle – and then make monthly payments. This lets you find a great model without breaking the bank. 


If you have any questions about pricing, financing, or something else, please get in touch with Woodhouse Place Nissan in Omaha.