Stay Safe this Summer and Learn How to Avoid Common Road Hazards

August 10th, 2019 by

During the summer, the number of road hazards increases exponentially with the uptick in commuters and road trippers. As your nearby Nissan dealership, we’re responsible for making sure you and your passengers stay safe, so we listed out some tips and tricks to help you avoid common road hazards:

Distracted Drivers

Typically found veering out of their lanes or stopping erratically, distracted drivers, focused on their smartphones, are easy to spot. To avoid being a victim of their carelessness, stay away from these drivers by letting them pass or simply change lanes to maintain a safe distance.


Even though they’re gearing up for back to school, children can still be found on the sidewalks and crosswalks all around Omaha, NE. That means that you have to be extra cautious because they may run into the street unexpectedly, so slow down every time you see a child and don’t rely too much on the advanced active safety features that can be found in many new 2019 Nissan cars.


With road trip season in full effect, traffic has increased, which means you may be stuck behind cars more frequently. Make sure to keep a healthy distance from the driver in front of you just in case they stop suddenly.

Overall, keep your eyes on the road while driving. Don’t ruin your summer fun because you weren’t paying attention. And if you feel the need to upgrade to a new vehicle with more advanced safety features, feel free to visit our dealership located at 8508 S. 145th Street and test drive any of the Nissan vehicles in our vast inventory.

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